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New+Old Doodles with Jack (aka Shard the Metal Sonic from his altered timeline) :3

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frostbite883 chetoo-chirps: In two words, how would you describe the Genesis Wave (the one that was created in StH #225)?

A very-very simple answer to describe as:

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askstacystuff-deactivated201405 chetoo-chirps: *Waves hello* I really like your art on DA, so I can't wait to see what goodies you have on Tumblr~

Aw, thank you~ :D

I’m afraid there will be more dumb doodles who do not deserve moar attention in the future XD;;;;

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Doodles done at school while I was half-asleep during the class.

-First random page with Chuck and Rosie, done in 2010 (shessh I completely forgot about it, though for some reasons I didn’t feel to continue and finish this -and proportions are SERIOUSLY starting to freak’ the hell out of me). I think they are like having a conversation regarding Sonic’s safety. I think…..Had lost speech bubble somewhere…

-Shard and Chuck as baby huehuehuehuehue

-And to all who wonders about this unrelated last drawing, I actually was hugely inspired from the game I played, titled Prince of Persia X”DD

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Always wanted to try something new with Shard as organic! Cx Probably not the easiest thing, but totally worth. In that point of view I tried to picture how he would act in a different way in rebooted world whose the Genesis Wave washed over it altering gravely their history and timelines. Unlike Shard from old world, he won’t feel the sense of life and won’t care about someone’s being hurt.

His real name is actually Jack. Ironic, eh? Let’s say he was initially an innocent ordinary hedgehog before was captured and legionized in Eggman’s lab which resulted the loss of fond memories. After unfortunate defeat with Sonic who thought his counterpart died, he sneaked into a hideout in order to lick his wounds and repaired and rebuilt himself with the help of Power Gem.

Heh I really hope one day I would be able to RP him! :3 It’s exciting!

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>(*u*>)  \(*u*)/  (<*u*)<  >(*u*>)  \(*u*)/  (<*u*)<  >(*u*>)  \(*u*)/  (<*u*)< 

Old doodles I did last year.

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Haha I just gave the classic eyes, didn’t I? XDD Well, to be honest black eyes are more expressive than colored ones. No idea, but that’s just me C:

I loved Rosie since- dunno how long! Cx Certainly she is an interesting character with a relaxed attitude. Also I liked her lovely relationship with Uncle Chuck. (Went on Wiki for a moment and they definitively removed the romance info :I Ughhh)

Maybe I’d base on her old design for Satam, but whenever I look at it I cringed a bit for no reason. And I didn’t like pictures from Archie Issues either as well, cause they were somewhat off but I couldn’t explain….

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Watched Robocop a few days ago at cinema. Loved it to pieces, though sometimes the storyline didn’t work well, like you’d expect these scenes to finish but they skipped quickly before your eyes. Such annoying. But I liked that concept of robot though. Man, I can’t stand art-block. »

For a moment I imagined Shard’s new look doing his own actions based on movie XD Oh! His new name/ego could be Shardocop XDDD

Damn Archie Issues, pleaaaaaaaaaase stop making us wait and release damn updates once ;~;

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Used many examples on


PS It was my first time drawing Robotnik and never used reference, same of each character XDD Ow my hand hurt. BUT A FUN NEVER HURT~ *whistles like a boss*

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Metamorphose - Life Cycle

A school project. Yeah. Who loves fractals? C:

Tried to make it look like a city of mechanics, circuity, conducts, wires, anything robotic etc, but I was lazy as I finished that shit in 20 min.

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anti-mistajules chetoo-chirps: OMG THANK YOU! Sonic looks adorable with the scarf, bandages and messy quills but his blue arms really bother me. And seeing that he had them in the concept art, both trailers and the promotional art I don't think they're gonna change it. :/

I really hope it’s nothing but an "accident" :I

I’ve seen artists doing mistakes on Sonic fanarts, even in comics too.
 Oh Gosh, but I heard this WON’T change the modern games, at least that was what Sega stated, I think.

This is disaster~ #DDD *chetoo dances in sky*

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real??? i dONT KNOW???

Blue arms sonic.

Double wtf……are they even sons of mummies??? *shudders*

Unless they wanted to redesign Sonic…? But if that’s so then YOLO.

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therestoredking chetoo-chirps: ((Aww. I was hoping to have feelsy RP's with him and Elias here. Ah well!))


I’m sorry about that X”D

Trust me, I’d really love to watch these funny stories on here as well. Perhaps it would happen one day and someone would take the role of Shard as organic C: Only time will tell.

Heck I already love him! Make Elias love him more than his little bro from his own zone- *nukeeeeed*

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therestoredking chetoo-chirps: ((Where is this organic Shard I must know. :D))


I just captured him for dinner. C: Just kiddin’!

But that’s actually a problem. Not here, but on Twitter sadly.

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Was bored as I thought I’d submit this.

One of my silly friends made a new account of Shard as organic based on my doodles lol Will be fun to see his new actions. Cx And yes definitively fighting for to win Chuck’s heart- *coughahemcough*

There, there, someone’s having the feeling of being ‘replaced’ C: